About DSL


DATA SPECIALTIES CO.,LTD., also known as DSL, is established in 1991. Since its inception, DSL has been a niche proprietary memory and storage solution provider in IPC field. DSL manufactures and distributes a wide range of memory modules, such as buffered, unbuffered, ECC, registered, so-dimm/long dimm, and solid-state storages in large volume in Taiwan.

Our full compliance with quality standard of services in serving our IPC customers worldwide is well inspected and examined regularly by a third party of international organization.

To enable our customers to get the most updated information, we have adopted a policy of using up to date computer systems for communications and processing. We also have a group of capable and energetic sales and marketing staff members and a competent technical team. As such, our customers can gain access to the current market trend and development of the ever-changing technical advancement.

Our Core Values:

  • Quality: No compromise in quality, helping customer reduce total ownership cost.
  • Professional: Be professional in all aspects, use 20-plus years of memory expertise to woo customers.
  • Service: Create value and differentiation, by on time delivery and be proactive to customer requests.

Our Business Philosophy:

  • Offer best quality products
  • Have full product lines
  • Deliver professional service
  • Continuous improvement

Our Commitment:

  • Limited lifetime product warranty
  • On-time delivery
  • Module defect rate is less than 400PPM
  • Meet JEDEC standard